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New research from Irish Life gives us an insight into what makes the population of Ireland uncomfortable, from social/work life situations all the way to financial decision making.
Today we are taking a look at Work Situations.

In life, many of us find ourselves on a weekly or even daily basis in an awkward situation at work. Irish Life did a little investigating and identified some of those moments in the workplace that are just quite simply, awkward!

• 37% of people find the atmosphere surrounding the question of a pay rise uncomfortable.

• 31% find those 30 seconds in a lift to be downright awkward.

• 10% find meeting a work colleague in the gym to be a less than desired situation to find themselves in.

• Small talk with the boss at the Christmas office party leaves 30% of us awkward and stumbling on our words.

• And finally, team building exercises which include the routine “My favourite past time is…” question leaves 25% of us dashing for the door to escape this dilemma.

As we can see, many situations can be uncomfortable in life but we should not make investments one of them. Irish Life has launched a major campaign to help Irish people get more comfortable investing in three simple and easy steps with Irish Life MAPS, multi-asset portfolio funds which are available on their investment plans.

Below are 3 steps to help you approach your investment journey with a little more ease and confidence…

Get your Investor Profile – you may consider yourself a risk taker but the question is how much of a risk taker are you really? Take an investor profile test which is simply just a few multiple-choice questions which will help determine your attitude to risk and which investment type would be the most suitable to you.

Match the fund that suits you best – this matches you to the fund that will suit you. Each fund has been developed to suit the needs of each investor type.

See the expected range of returns – Once your fund has been identified, now you can see the expected range of returns for that fund over a specific time period. All investments rise and fall but you can get an idea of the return you could expect.

Irish Life have been helping people with their investments for over 75 years, taking care of 1 million customers in Ireland. Get comfortable with your financial planning and start your investment journey. For financial advice and guidance contact Walsh Consulting today.

This blog is a summary of Irish Life’s information booklet ‘Get your Money Moving in the Right Direction – 3 Steps to Comfortable Investing.’ 

(Irish Life, 3 steps to comfortable living)





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