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Life Assurance – Protect your Family

Life Assurance – Protect your Family

You protect your car, your home and your income but most of us forget to protect the most important thing, you!
You never know what life has in store for you. By protecting your life, you will ensure that your family are looked after no matter what life throws at you.

Protect your family – Life Assurance ensures your family are looked after financially if a tragic event occurs. With life cover you will have the security in knowing that your family will receive a lump sum when you die to help them pay their continuous bills such as the mortgage on the family home.

Eligibility – Anyone from the age of 18 to 80 can apply for life cover. Do not let your health status prevent you from applying as each case is different and evaluated on an independent basis.

Duration of insurance – How long should you have life cover for? This depends on your circumstances;

*Term cover – this length of time is decided by you
*Mortgage Protection Cover – this lasts for the duration of your mortgage
*Whole of life cover – lasting the duration of your life.

Decide who is covered under the policy – There are both single and dual cover options available to you. Dual cover will pay out on the death of both people named on the policy where as a joint policy only pays out on the first death.

Decide whether you want your policy index-linked – Meaning that your monthly payments and any money paid out on your policy will keep up with the cost of living.

Choose your plan – Walsh Consulting will take you through all the options available to you and guide you towards the plan that will suit you and your family.

Making a Claim – If you die during the term of your policy, it is top priority to ensure your family receives the money in both a quick and efficient manner.

How much will it cost? – Your monthly premium will be calculated by your age, health status, length & type of life assurance plan and the sum of money you wish your family to receive upon your death.

Additional benefits that may be available to you depending on your policy…

  • Once you have applied for Life Assurance, you are offered free accidental death cover until your policy is in place.
  • Your children may be covered (under 21) for €5,000 life assurance for the duration of your cover.
  • In the unfortunate event of being diagnosed with a terminal illness, you may get your lump sum immediately. Therefore, money will not be an issue for you and your loved ones.
  • If you have to spend time in hospital, you may receive a hospital cash benefit which will be a sum of money paid to you per day.

Follow this link from Friends First which will help you determine the cost and length of the life assurance cover you need.

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