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Be Part of the Wearable Revolution

Want a Free Garmin Watch plus money back on your life insurance policy? Walsh Consulting is one of a select number of financial brokers bringing this exciting Wearable Technology initiative to you in conjunction with Zurich Life.  When signing up to one of Zurich’s Term Protection or Serious Illness Policies  you are rewarded with a Free Garmin […]

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Risk Profiling

What is Risk Profiling? Risk Profiling involves using a set of questions to objectively determine a client’s risk tolerance e.g. high, medium or low risk. This allows for investments to be selected that suit a client’s needs and appetite for risk and to balance risk:reward expectations. The current trend throughout Europe is to classify clients […]

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When will it end?

With some analysts predicting a $1,000 share price in the near future Apple look set to continue to make their savvy investors very wealthy indeed. The same cannot be said for poor old Ronald Wayne. If the talk on twitter is to be believed Ronnie sold his 10% stake in the company for $800 back […]

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EU Gender Directive

Historically insurance companies applied what appeared to be reasonable discrimination between men and women in certain areas based on sound actuarial evidence and principles.  For example men are more likely to die earlier based on life expectancy statistics so therefore life companies charged more for males. On the flip side of that coin, because women […]

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