6 Reasons Why Using a Financial Broker is the Best Option

Why Using a Financial Broker is the Best Option

by Rose O’Halloran – Associate Director | Walsh Group

Whatever stage of life you’re at, a financial broker will have clear, unbiased advice, information, and the tools to help you work out what’s right for you.

Here are my 6 reasons for using a Financial Broker, and why it is the best option.​


A financial broker is not biased towards or against any particular provider, and therefore will pick the best option for you, the client.


Brokers are interested in gaining your loyalty and building a long-term relationship. Their aim is to spend time to get to know and understand their clients in order to provide long term satisfaction and service.

Professional Advice

Brokers will offer a Statement of Suitability document outlining all the options available to you and the reason why they recommend one particular policy over another.


Financial brokers have full access to the insurance marketplace, and can therefore offer consumer choice … a one-stop-shop if you like.


The financial services world can sometimes be a jargon filled world and confusing for many. Your broker will clearly explain the choices that a re available to you and help you understand all the risks that exist and ways to eliminate this risk.

Market Standards Survey

Financial brokers have access to a variety of products and will know the service levels of each provider. As such they can compare the various offerings and service standards and can advise on the best provider every time.

Walsh Group has been providing professional financial advice to a diverse range of clients throughout Ireland for over 20 years. Our expert financial advice extends to Family and Business Protection, Income Protection, Corporate Benefits Packages, Health Insurance, Pensions, Mortgages, and Savings & Investments.

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